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001 County Ground rear view from Sydney Road0001 Grandstand & Homestraight002 Rear Entrance (Ferndale Road)003  Rear Entrance (Ferndale Road)004  Rear Entrance (Ferndale Road)005  Rear Entrance (Ferndale Road)006  Rear Entrance (Ferndale Road) Steps to back straight007  Rear Entrance (Ferndale Road) Steps to back straight008 Pits Entrace from Ferndale Road009 Pit Entrance from Pits010 Pits011 Pits 2012 Pits 3013 Pits 3014 Pits 4 (Away)014A Pits 5 (Away)015 Pits 6 (Home)016 Pits 7 (Home)017 Pits 8 (Home)018 Pits 9 (Home)